Words of Encouragement, Warning, and Apology from your Fearless Leader


You are over the hump!  You have only one more full week and one partial week to go. Week 4 module unlocks today at 5 and Week 5’s module is abbreviated.


The last week of the course is intense: some reading and a short voicethread, two papers in quick succession, final free blogging, and the final project.  So buckle up and plan accordingly.


Rhonda drew my attention to the fact that I had mistakenly made Quiz 4 due on June 10 instead of June 17.  I have now corrected that, and I’m sorry if it worried anyone.  Thanks, Rhonda, for catching that!

Song of Jessica Longhi

I chose this picture to represent myself for a variety of reasons. First, I think this is the best picture that shows me totally relaxed, which may be weird to some people since I have my horse standing over me. His name is Magic, and he has been my best friend since I was two-years old. This picture was taken at the age of sixteen, but I pretty much look the same four years later. The fact that Magic’s ears are pricked forward in this picture show that he is just as content and happy as I am. I love being outside and around animals,  and so this picture is very fitting to be my introduction piece.

Horses have always been a big part of my life, and I think they are the reason I’ve grown into a responsible, and caring young adult. This picture shows a deep level of love and trust between Magic and I. As a huge animal lover, I am always taking care of something! My mom and I share three horses, two cats, a dog, and a rabbit. I have a habit of finding animals and bringing them home, much to my Dad’s dismay.

I am about to enter my junior year at UMW. I am majoring in English, and I plan to start the Education program so that I can become a high school English teacher. I commute from a little town outside of Manassas, which is why I picked an online class to make my schedule easier. I also work at a day camp through Prince William County, and it is all outdoors. I am looking forward to what the rest of this class has to bring!