Words of Encouragement, Warning, and Apology from your Fearless Leader


You are over the hump!  You have only one more full week and one partial week to go. Week 4 module unlocks today at 5 and Week 5’s module is abbreviated.


The last week of the course is intense: some reading and a short voicethread, two papers in quick succession, final free blogging, and the final project.  So buckle up and plan accordingly.


Rhonda drew my attention to the fact that I had mistakenly made Quiz 4 due on June 10 instead of June 17.  I have now corrected that, and I’m sorry if it worried anyone.  Thanks, Rhonda, for catching that!

What was your favorite line from “I Sing The Body Electric”?

After thinking about our reading for the week and going back and reading “I Sing The Body Electric” again I found many lines that really stuck out to me and made me feel something about them. I was curious as to what your favorite line(s) or favorite section was from this piece. I feel like the words that stick out the most to each person and grabs their attention really says something about that person and I want to get to know you all a little bit more by getting in your head for a moment. So, please drop your favorite parts and if you want or can, explain why.

One of the lines that I really loved was in section 3: “They did not love him by allowance, they loved him with personal love”.  I don’t really know why I was drawn to this line, maybe the fact that it is talking about relationships and ‘personal love’ and that seems more intimate to me and allowed me to get inside of the poem. If you haven’t had a class with Dr. Scanlon, one things she has said is to pretend like you are running your thumb through the lines of the poem and where ever the poem gives and you can push your thumb through is where the poem is letting you in and is a good place to start analyzing. This line was one of the first places my thumb broke through and allowed me to live inside of the poem for a bit.