Song of Soo Ji

Hello all!


My name is Soo Ji Choi, and I am an English major here at UMW. I am taking this course mainly because I need two more English elective courses to graduate by the end of this summer. Though I don’t know much about Whitman and Dickinson yet, I am so excited to learn more them and their poems!

I chose this picture because it is the most recent photo of myself. Growing up, I hated to take photos of myself for a variety of reasons. I did not like the way I looked and the way I dressed up. I always wanted to look different than I actually looked. As I was getting older and am in my 20s, I started to learn ways to accept myself. I, at some point, realized that I don’t have to look like someone else. I realized that accepting myself is more about feeling comfortable with myself, rather than just liking how I look. I really like this picture not only because it is the most recent one, but also it shows who I am today and how I feel about myself (I like how I look calm and comfortable in this picture). I know that I won’t be able to like every part of myself, but as long as I feel comfortable with myself, not wanting to look like someone else, I think that I have learned ways to accept myself and even like myself.



Thank you for reading! I look forward to getting to know you all:)



Soo Ji Choi

Song of Mitchell Eubank

My name is Mitchell Eubank. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and I am currently a part-time student at the University of Mary Washington. This is the fourth online class I have taken for an English-Creative Writing major, and the second to require the use of VoiceThread. I’m easy-going whenever I’m at home, but I still take my current studies seriously, as I plan to do over the next few weeks.

Admittedly, I never read too much of either Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson’s poems until now. Given the years of expertise they both have with the written word, I’ll be interested to see how their entries compare and contrast with one another. It could be a way for me to find a sense of perspective in my own poems and stories, should I pursue a career as an author one day.

As for the “frontispiece” portion of this post, I wanted to choose something that represented happiness and new beginnings for me. This photo was taken during the wedding of my cousin, Jenny, to her British beau, John. I am very close with my cousins, as I am with all of my family. They always root me on, even in stressful times, helping me make it through every situation that I find myself in.

As I hinted at the start of this introduction, I’m a laid-back, casual kind of guy behind the scenes. I may not talk a lot, but I listen well. I love a good joke, good music, video games, and food – pizza, to be precise. Above all else, I like taking classes of any kind because I love to learn new things.

Song of mns

Camerados, this is a selfie of me and Whitman taken last week in the National Portrait Gallery, where I had gone to see a special exhibit on Sylvia Plath (a 20th-century confessional poet, a movement that owed much to Uncle Walt’s frankness).  I didn’t have to look like a weirdo in the corner, almost as grizzled as WW himself; I was with a friend who could have taken a better shot.  But my relationship with the poets we are studying is personal and so this seemed more appropriate.  Also, sometimes I feel I can only access Whitman and Dickinson partially as their genius astounds me, so my partial face can symbolize that. Though I have been a Dickinson devotee for many years, it took me into my middle age to love Whitman– I had admired him, but I had to find a less hypermasculine Whitman to really connect, and I did (oddly, given that war is a masculine enterprise, by immersing in his Civil War works).  I can and will fangirl about these two poets. You’re forewarned.

Some things I could venture to say about me:
I am honestly not nearly as nice as people are making me sound on this blog.
I believe literature matters and spend much time thinking about how and why.
I too would rather be in fresh air and I am also a vegetarian.
I would like to like gardening but.
I have two children and three pets.
I overwatch British drama and mystery tv.
I am a Pittsburgher and miss mountains.
I have names for my two imaginary future goats.
I am personally affronted by very hot sunny days.
I have an unusually(?) large collection of literary-themed jewelry and clothing.
I specialize in fruit-based desserts.
I actually do love poetic scansion.
I fixate on the moon.

Song of Sarah

Hello everyone!  My name is Sarah Petty and I am a senior.  I’m in the 5 year Elementary Education Masters program, and am also an English major.  I am taking this course over the summer because I needed to take a summer course in order to graduate a semester early, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking a class with Dr. Scanlon last semester, Modern Poetry.

I picked this picture of me because it shows a little bit of my personality.  This is a picture of me with my hamster Benny.  This snapshot represents how happy I am with little things, literally and figuratively.  All throughout my childhood I had wanted a hamster and was not allowed to have one, so when I got to college I showed my parents up by spontaneously getting a hamster.  He doesn’t do much, but putting him in his ball and having him roll around while I do homework puts a smile on my face.  It doesn’t take much for me to be happy, I’m pretty laid back and easily entertained.

Featured in the bottom left corner of this picture is my favorite blanket.  I was in a car accident when I was in high school and a woman who heard the car crash brought this blanket to me from her home and wrapped me in it as I waited for an ambulance to arrive.  The blanket is a reminder of how important kindness was to me in that moment and how I need to show the same kindness to others.  This is reflected in my teaching philosophy that I have developed over the 3 years I have been in UMW’s Elementary Ed program.  I want all of my students to come out of my classroom as kind individuals, and will do everything in my power to instill that character quality in them.

I am working as a substitute teacher and because I am in for a new teacher the every day, I never have to bring work home with me.  I am glad that I am taking this class because it is something I will have to continuously work at and think about.  I am excited to hear everyone’s opinions and interpretations of the literature we read together as a class! Cheers to a great 5 weeks.