Did Anyone Ever Figure it Out?



So was anyone ever able to figure out what this said and what it means? This is as far as I got (although I’m not sure I’m that close to being right…):

How inspiring to the clandestine mind those words of (I’m drawing a blank with this final one, guys)

“We thank thee that thou hast hid these things”




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  1. No clue 🙁 I thought for sure at first that it was “persistance” but the letters don’t actually match up. Is that first letter a “p”? Because I just tried to look up “peri” (that’s what the first four letters look like, to me) in the lexicon on the Dickinson website but none of the outcomes matched up. Her handwriting is indeed very hard to crack!

  2. Dickinson’s handwriting is so hard for me to understand. I would not have made it through this semester without the transcriptions provided. I think I might have to work on my handwriting reading skills if I plan to make it as a teacher.

  3. Non increasing
    to the clandestine
    mind those nodes
    of persistance
    We thank thee
    that thou hast
    hid these things

  4. I think the word is “paraphrase” spelled incorrectly. I know her editors corrected many spelling errors.

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