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  1. Your cat is really beautiful Professor Scanlon! I see from the tag on this post that his name is Purcy? Here is a picture of my dog Coco, who rules over my heart and is quite the little ankle bitter and sweeheart

  2. My dog has literally been doing the exact same thing all week….including right now. How do you add a photo to comments? I’ll have to post a photo of him trying to keep me from schoolwork.

  3. Christine, I don’t know if this will work, but the way I had to add it, I had to go to our blog, click on “Media,”, then click on “Add New” and then select the image you want. I think copied the URL and posted it directly in my comment. Hope this helps!

  4. That is the cutest! Sounds to me like he has some personality to him, I love it!

  5. Finley does the same thing to me! He will want nothing to do with me until I go to sit down and read or post and then he is right there trying to get in my lap. They always want love when you’re supposed to be doing productive things.

  6. Thank you Millicent, I agree that Coco does have quite the personality, and is indeed very cute, and she knows just how to tug at your heart strings.

  7. As a cat-starved AmeriCorps member, this pic hurts </3 Also it's hilarious how black cats always become black holes in pictures. Really cute black holes, though

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