Random Youtube Find: Casey Bridgeman

I know we are only covering one of these four individuals in this class but I found this very interesting. For the second essay on Emily Dickinson I was looking into her poems and how her works included a lot of stress and depression (option D if anyone else did that one as well). But I just wanted to post this because it seemed pretty relevant to the whole idea of these writers either being completely mad or just genius. 

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  1. Interesting find! I think that all artists are seen as a little mad, for sure. But I think that they’re viewed as mad/mentally unstable because most of us hide our instabilities as opposed to letting them out on paper. We don’t think it’s normal to talk about being angry, depressed, or confused… Artists pour that stuff out, and sadly, some rely on their misery as a catalyst for creation rather than creating as an outlet.

  2. I agree with the previous comment! I think that the actors did a good job for the way these poets are oftentimes perceived and portrayed in popular culture, but the video seems to oversimplify their intentions behind writing their poetry by portraying them as simply being under the throes of manic depression; while that may be something that may have been an element of their experience, they were also far more complex than that, as we’ve learned though our studies of Dickinson. It’s been interesting to spark some critical thinking about it, though; thanks for sharing!

  3. This is pretty interesting. I’ll definitely will have to check out the entire youtube channel in the future when I have time. The actors did a great job portraying their characters ,even if the way they did it simplified their true personalities and what was affecting them. It was definitely an intriguing watch though and I would watch it again.

  4. I used to be married to an artist who was bi-polar. He revealed to me that in the throes of his manic states he found his greatest energy and inspiration. He wouldn’t sleep when in this state. He would produce incredible amounts of genius in a very short period of time. However, then the crash would come. I believe many artists are incredibly sensitive to the world surrounding them. Genetics, chemistry, and biology aside, I wonder if this sensitivity for some is due to mental illness or does it contribute to mental illness.

  5. Thank you so much Casey for sharing this, this is indeed a wonderful find! Although I would have to agree with you absolutely one hundred percent, that perspective on a great deal of Emily Dickinson’s works however, like her work “I felt a funeral in my brain” do in fact contain themes about stress or depression which reverberates Emily Dickinson’s perspective and outlook on the subjects of mental well being and mental health, especially with Emily Dickinson’s poem “I felt a funeral in my brain” and “How sweet this prison is”. This was an excellent Youtube video that helps us put into perspective what Emily Dickinson is trying to get at, and I am so glad that you found this as perhaps it will be extremely helpful to a great deal of people in our class- I certainly learned a great deal from this video!

  6. I think this did a good job of showing like how they are typically perceived. I also really like Rhonda’s comment. Most people that are creative are always a little mad. This reminds me of the quotes “We are all mad here” from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It seems that some of the best work comes from those that are dealing with forms of ‘madness’ (mental illnesses and manic states). I find it really interesting how we tend to bash people who struggle with mental illness, but yet we praise their work. An average person who struggles with the same thing is more likely to be looked down on, but famous people or artists of any form will be praised because of what they create while dealing with their ‘illness’ or what they see and feel during their states of emotions.

  7. This is an interesting find. For the second essay, I also worked on Option D, so I got to read many of Dickinson’s work with stress and depression. I feel like society sees all artists as mad because they do not fit into a category which this society calls “normal.” I believe that all artists convey their thoughts through their own methods and that their own ways to portray their ideas can possibly make them look mad in this society. I wonder if these artists in the video are mad, as this society describes, or just genius.

  8. Sometimes artists and poets have to exaggerate feelings and metaphors to make an impact with their readers. Often these same authors are dead by the time their work is prominent. Thus, we can’t really ask the authors if they really felt the way they wrote. Do you think Dickinson could have been exaggerating at all?

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