So long and farewell to everyone and to our dear friends Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson!

In the spirit of our class coming to it’s inevitable conclusion, I would like to bid you and our dear friends Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson farewell! It has been really great getting to know these two inspirational authors in our our condensed 5- week semester and getting to know and collaborating with you guys in class discussions on our blog and in Voice Thread!

Dickinson and Walt Whitman had set the fundamentals and foundations for the future of American poetry and I am curious as to what you favorite facts and/or poetic styles of these two exceptionally avant-garde poets are?

As a final farewell bid to our poets; Whitman and Dickinson, please find attached this video in your honor and their’s, as we reach the end of the semester!

So long and farewell, to everyone! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

6 Replies to “So long and farewell to everyone and to our dear friends Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson!”

  1. I found the publishing battle over Dickinson’s work really dramatic and interesting. I also enjoyed getting to see all of Whitman’s photos even though he used the same three or four poses everytime.

  2. I agree that I also found it hilarious that even though Walt Whitman was not adamant about having his picture taken, that he sure posed a great deal, and was always front and center for them- yet another contradiction for Whitman!

  3. I assumed he used the same three or four poses due to the length of time it took for the film to take in the image. Cameras had to be set up and have a length of time for the chemicals to react to light. That’s why the earliest photos tend to be of posed dead bodies so family could have one last image of their loved one.

  4. Goodbye my dear poets. I have learned so much from them, so much so that I want to try my hand at poetry. Though I must say, the photo of Whitman you used is hilarious.

  5. I have throughly enjoyed the class and reading the blogs and voice threads. I have learned both from the poets and all of the interpretations! Thank you, Dr. Scanlon and fellow classmates!

  6. So sad! :'( Haha, but I honestly appreciated the fast difference between the two poets’ styles. Each was a breath of fresh air to the other, in a way; while they didn’t know each other, their poetry feels like it fits together in their many opposites, kind of like the opposing pieces of a puzzle, or the yin and yang.

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