Sorry @ the Ghost of ED

Found this gem online and because I’m still angry (and will be until the day I die) that my Creative Writing: Poetry class last semester was so dead set on RIPPING apart (I’m not bitter) any piece of writing without a title, I thought I’d share here.

Seems relevant enough.

Sorry @ the ghost of Emily Dickinson–there are no exceptions in poetry apparently

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  1. This meme of Emily Dickinson with the caption “Can Create Poems But Never Titles” is appropriate as Emily Dickinson never titled the works of her poems herself, but her editors titled her poems for her after her death.

  2. :’) so funny! I’m sorry folks were so critical about your poems’ titlelessness, though. Seems like a peculiar thing for them to care so much about!

  3. That emphasis on having a title is probably why early editors made titles for her poems. I like seeing other people using Dickinson memes! Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

  4. I find it so hard to title anything! I feel like titles can really alter an interpretation of a poem and omitting one forces you to read the meat of the poem and form your own feelings and interpretation of it. I am also sorry people were harsh on you. I think the current teachings of poetry push the idea that everything has to have a title so much that it pushes everyone into a box and does not allow for people who rebel against this expectation. If you don’t want to title YOUR work, DON’T! It is yours for a reason and I think that is why I love that Dickinson never titled her work.

  5. How can people be mad about a poet not titling unfinished, handwritten poems?! Bastards…

    The title of a work is typically the LAST thing that I come up with! Also, a lot of modern poetry doesn’t exactly have creative titles soooo… Whatever.

  6. Titles can distract or imply a meaning that doesn’t quite fit the poem. She never titled poems which I would interpret as her own way of rebelling against how everything must be named. Any small act of artistry in her writing felt like it was complete to her. If we look at her track record, her fascicles did not include titles. These were her personally designed books of poetry. We may be very wrong in assuming names are the keys to poetry that we make them out to be.

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